Bojan Vukasinovic

Research Faculty / Senior Research Engineer

George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

I started working as a research engineer at Georgia Tech ME Department in 2003 after earning a Ph.D. in 2002. My main research interests are related to experimental fluid dynamics and thermal sciencies in general. Currently, my major research focus is on the high-frequency flow control tailored to shear layer and separated flows in 2D and 3D configurations. This web-site is intended for public presentation of selected results and accomplishments of both current and previous work, which involved vibration-induced drop dynamics, liquid atomization and spraying, spray cooling, turbulent swirling flows, spray- and flame-based nano-particle formation and coating deposition, and fluidized-bed heat and mass transfer. The highlights of my Ph.D. Thesis research can be found at the Vibration-Induced Drop Atomization web page.

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    Best Paper Award at the 8th AIAA Flow Control Conference: AIAA 2016-4081, ´┐ŻAerodynamic Flow Control of Wake Dynamics Coupled to a Moving Bluff Body,´┐Ż Thomas J. Lambert, Bojan Vukasinovic, and Ari Glezer, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016.

    Pride@Boeing Award, Boeing Recognition Program, 2011.

    Pride@Boeing Award, Boeing Recognition Program, 2009.